Jiangsu reports flying start in various sectors

2023-01-29 11:05:00 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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East China’s Jiangsu province reported a flying start in various sectors on the first working day of the Chinese New year. Let’s take a close look.

At 9 a.m., the Nanjing Municipal Government Service Center opened the window for varied formalities. In just a few minutes, the staff completed the application for entry and exit pass submitted by Ms. Wu.

Qiu Zhen, Chief of Acceptance Service Section, Administrative Approval Service Division, Nanjing Public Security Bureau

We also provide services at noon.If the formalities are not completed at the end of the afternoon,we will inform the applicant to ensure the efficiency of the work so that the applicant can go home on the same day.

Industrial production got off to a flying start in various parts of the province. Wujiang Transformer Co., Ltd. delivered 16.88-million-yuan worth of 128 sets on the first working day of the Chinese New Year.

Shen Xiangdong, Chairman of Wujiang Transformer Co., Ltd.

I think this year, in a very good situation,we have also put forward new opportunities, new leaps and new glories.For us, we have greater confidence and dare to act,dare to venture and dare to invest.

The R&D personnel of the Nanjing Mobile Communication and Computing Innovation Research Institute of China Science and Technology have been engaged in the development of the "equipment development platform for the space-space integrated information network integrated system".

This platform will support the whole process of technological innovation and product development of satellite communication equipment industry by relying on the key technologies of space-space integrated information network and building four R&D support sub-platforms: base station, terminal, instrument and comprehensive test and verification.

Mei Yan, Project Leader of Nanjing Mobile Communication and Computing Innovation Research Institute

In 2022, our team was awarded a series of important projects such as the Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Research Center.In the new year,we will take the platform and products to a new level through high-quality and efficient research and development,support the development of the satellite communication industry in Nanjing,and help Jiangsu to form a domestic first-class satellite communication industry cluster.

At the construction site of the key transportation project of the Suqian-Lianyungang Waterway Juntun River Hub, the transport vehicles were shuttling back and forth, and the workers were promoting the construction of the project.

In a seedling greenhouse in Jiangyan District of Taizhou city, workers were setting up a small arch shed and transplanting watermelon seedlings. It is expected that the transplanting will be completed in the middle of February. Inside the vegetable greenhouse, farmers were carrying out field management work such as weeding and fertilization.