Jiangsu gets off to flying start in economic development

2023-01-29 11:02:42 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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East China’s Jiangsu province got off to a flying start on the first working day of the Chinese New Year in the promotion of high-quality economic development and the new practice of Chinese path to modernization in Jiangsu. JSBC has the story.

At a mobilization meeting to promote high-quality development, Nanjing issued a series of action plans for the future industrial development, the comprehensive pilot of expanding the opening up of the service industry, and the pilot zone of scientific and innovative financial reform.

Nanjing will rely on the opportunity of the settledown of the National Integrated Circuit Design Automation Technology Innovation Center, a national innovation platform, to promote the establishment of regional science and technology innovation centers, and make demonstration and guidance for the country.

Suzhou held a New Year's mobilization meeting on Saturday, calling on everyone to go all out to support and encourage daring efforts in the new year in a bid to enhance the creativity of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Changzhou held a conference to promote the construction of the new energy capital, aiming to promote the construction of Changzhou's new energy industry, and achieve a new energy output value of 1 trillion yuan by 2025, and a market value of 1 trillion yuan in the new energy Changzhou sector of the securities market.

Lianyungang held a ceremony to start the construction of 116 key industrial projects, with a total planned investment of 90.3 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 31.2 billion yuan.

Lianyungang is expected to invest 140 billion yuan in the industry this year, and strive to promote the construction of key industrial projects to achieve fruitful results.

Huai'an held a major project investment and business environment optimization conference to accelerate economic development, create a better business environment and enhance the city’s competitiveness.

The Yancheng Municipal Party Committee and the Yancheng Municipal Government held a meeting on promoting the construction of green and low-carbon development demonstration areas in a bid to promote the construction of green and low-carbon development demonstration areas, fully demonstrate the ecological charm and development vitality of "international wetlands, coastal green cities", and strive to write a new chapter of the Chinese path to modernization in Yancheng.

Yangzhou issued the second document of the New Year, emphasizing the optimization and improvement of the business environment by formulating 25 key indicators and launching 70 specific measures from the aspects of policy, market, government affairs, rule of law, cultural environment construction and strengthening organizational security, to ensure that the business environment will promote economic development "seeking progress while maintaining stability".

Zhenjiang held a project investment promotion meeting, calling on the city to further promote project construction and industrial upgrading, fully strengthen the real economy, promote entrepreneurship, and accelerate the building of Zhenjiang into an important base of manufacturing industry in the Yangtze River Delta and a leading demonstration city for high-quality development of manufacturing industry in the country so as to provide a strong support for the construction of a more solid material foundation for modernization.

In Suqian, a number of projects with large investment scale, high attracting quality and strong driving force, including Trina Solar Battery, have been put into operation successively, which will better inspire motivation, boost confidence and promote high-quality economic development.