Provincial People’s Congress holds 3rd plenum of 17th meeting

2020年07月31日 11:26:36 | 来源

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The 13th provincial people’s congress of Jiangsu held the 3rd plenum of its 17th meeting Thursday morning in Nanjing. Li Xiaomin, Executive Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, presided over the meeting.

Present at the meeting were vice chairpersons Wang Yanwen, Chen Zhenning, Xu Zhongzi, Liu Handong, and Qu Futian.

Vice Governor Chen Xingying, was also present at the meeting alongside with Xia Daohu, President of the Provincial Court and Liu Hua, Chief Prosecutor of the Provincial Procuratorate.

The plenum reviewed the draft of the 2019 provincial fiscal final accounts, the 2019 provincial budget implementation report, the construction of the urban and rural social assistance system, the new driving development strategy and the implementation report of the Science and Technology Progress Law.

The provincial government submitted to this meeting a report on the state of the environment in 2019 and the completion of environmental protection goals

During a joint panel discussion, the deputies to the provincial people’s congress deliberated the development of the province’s urban and rural social assistance system.

Yang Yong was one of the 15 deputies to the provincial people’s congress who put forth the instance response proposal for social assistance to establish a long-term mechanism to tackle poverty.