Jiangsu promotes higher-quality development amid post-pandemic recovery

2020年07月31日 11:33:20 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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East China’s Jiangsu province will make unremitting efforts to promote the construction of a new Jiangsu at a higher level, according to the 8th plenary session of the 13th CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee that was kicked off Tuesday in Nanjing.

Building a beautiful China is a major move made by General Secretary Xi Jinping. The new Jiangsu blueprint drawn by the General Secretary endows the ardent expectations for environmental beauty and highly civilized society.

The Provincial Party Committee decided to take the construction of a beautiful Jiangsu as a major strategic task concerning the overall situation and an important starting point for promoting high-quality development under the new situation so as to strengthen overall planning and systematic advancement, and strive to be at the forefront and become a model in the construction of a beautiful China.

Jiang Fuxin, Counselor of the Jiangsu Provincial Government

The strategic task of building a beautiful Jiangsu 

actually embodies the firmness, sharpness and pragmatism 

of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Government 

in implementing the strategic task 

of General Secretary Jinping's campaign for a beautiful China

The construction of a beautiful Jiangsu must take ecological protection as the bottom line, fully demonstrate the water rhyme of Jiangsu, and make Jiangsu's human settlement environment more beautiful and more desirable.

Zhang Haohan, President of Jiangsu Regional Development Research Association

Building a beautiful Jiangsu is a new historical opportunity 

in the new stage of Jiangsu's construction and modernization

It is an important strategic measure 

to improve the quality of Jiangsu's development 

and promote the transformation and upgrading 

of Jiangsu's economic development

Through the construction of a beautiful Jiangsu

we will promote the transformation 

of our production methods and lifestyles 

to reach a higher level and higher quality

This is what the plenary session is concerned about

All the officials and people in the province are the builders, beneficiaries, and protectors of the beautiful Jiangsu campaign, and they must strive to become the "most beautiful Jiangsu people" in the new era.

Huang Xianjin, Chief Scientist, Jiangsu Green Development Research Base, Nanjing University

The construction of a beautiful Jiangsu 

is a concrete implementation 

of General Secretary Xi’s strategy 

of strengthening the prosperity of Jiangsu

and it is also a Jiangsu practice 

of the goal of building a beautiful China

Such a goal is based on the beauty of ecology 

and the beauty of water rhyme

It also emphasizes the beauty 

of pleasantness and livability 

and the beauty of connotation

reflecting the requirements 

of people-centered construction