Jiangsu businesspersons at home and abroad contribute to hometown’s development

2019年05月22日 11:21:46 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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  Entrepreneurs attending 2nd Jiangsu Development Summit and 1st Global Jiangsu Entrepreneurs Convention headed for their hometown cities on Tuesday for business inspection tours.

  Yan Junren, President of the New Zealand China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association

  I am very happy to see that Wuxi has maintained growth momentum. I also hope that I can have the opportunity to cooperate with Wuxi-based enterprises and the government to do something useful for the people of Wuxi.

  Wang Min, Executive Director of International Chinese Model Industry Alliance Headquarters

  Wuxi enjoys profound cultural heritage, especially the Wu culture. I hope we can publicize the culture of hometown and let Wuxi meet the outside world.

  More than 90 guests participated in a forum themed on Jiangsu Hong Kong Hand in Hand for Integrated Development on the bank of Dushu Lake in Suzhou.

  Among the guests was Tang Ying-yen, President of the Hong Kong Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce. The forum is expected to promote the effective use of overseas capital by biomedical science and technology enterprises in the province.

  At the Digital Economy Summit, the guests discussed the future and development of the digital economy in the Yangtze River Delta region. During the conference, a total of 33 projects were signed to bring 38.7 billion yuan of investment to Suzhou.

  Chen Wei, secretary-general of the Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

  Our focus is on how to combine Shanghai's top digital economy projects with the economic development in Suzhou and Jiangsu. I hope that everyone will join us in bringing some quality projects back to our hometown.

  Gao Chengyan, President of Shanghai Qianxiang Intelligent Technology Group Co., Ltd. 

  This summit has a lot to do with my smart manufacturing smart factory and the digital economy. We also want to have some more extensive cooperation with Suzhou in the digital economy and smart manufacturing factories.

  Some 80 guests attending the 2nd Jiangsu Development Summit and 1st Global Jiangsu Entrepreneurs Convention visited the Nanjing Jiangbei New Area on Tuesday afternoon.

  Lu Hongbing, Foreign Academician of Russian Academy of Engineering, Chief Scientist of Nanjing Beidi Electronics Co., Ltd.  

  We will elbow our way into the field of new medical materials and inncrease the research and development of the projects at a larger scale.

  Gu Jiandang, Executive Vice President, Phoenix Contact Group, Germany

  Our latest generation of smart factory will be based in Jiangning district of Nanjing. The project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of next year. It will become a new height for Phoenix in this field of intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0. This investment project is closely linked to the future industrial development of Nanjing and the transformation and upgrading of the entire manufacturing industry.

  More than 40 businesspersons born and grown up in Nantong visited Nantong alongside with more than 400 other businesspersons attending the summit. Some 300 entrepreneurs from home and abroad visited Xuzhou and Taizhou on Tuesday.

  Xu Chongyu, Academician of the Royal Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Academician of the Norwegian Academy of Engineering

  No matter where we live in the world, it is our responsibility and our obligation to introduce Xuzhou to foreign countries, so as to promote investment in the hometown by attracting wisdom and boosting cooperation.