Jiangsu gets endorsement from BRI in overseas development

2019年05月15日 18:27:49 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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  East China’s Jiangsu province has made remarkable progress in its overseas development by tapping into the country’s Belt and Road initiative, as is evidenced by the achievements made by Jiangsu’s investment in Kazakhstan.

  At 9:00 am Beijing time, Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, has just awakened. However, Mutual Khan Biargov, the general manager of the Almaty Trade and Investment Chamber of Commerce, was in his office. He has got used to starting work according to Beijing time as his partners are companies in Jiangsu. At his desk, a briefing on the cooperation between China and Kazakhstan is particularly eye-catching.

  Mutual Khan Biargov, general manager of Almaty Trade and Investment Chamber of Commerce :The Silk Road embodies the spirit of cooperation in traditional commerce and trade,and the Belt and Road reflects the intercommunication between China and Kazakhstan at all levels.For me,it is necessary to do a good job through various services.

  Whether serving as business agents, Chineselanguagetour guides or Chinese food chefs,more and more Kazakhs like Biargov are cooperating with Chinese companies. Today, there are more than 3,000 Chinese companies registered in Kazakhstan, and this year the number will exceed 4,000.

  These handicrafts come from the China-KazakhstanKhorgos Free Trade Zone, which is more than 300 kilometers away from Almaty. It is the only cross-border free trade zone in the world. The residents of the two countries are free to travel there to do their businesses. Since Jiangsu built the Western Europe-Russia-Kazakhstan-Western China Highway, it takes only three or four hours to drive from Almaty to Khorgos. More and more Chinese and Kazakhstan traders have flocked to the free trade zone.

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  More and more Chinese companies

  have flocked to the free trade zone

  Lai Guangbing, CEO of Zhongke International Trade, Khorgos:The Kazakh group came here in groups about two or three times a week.There were about fifty or sixty people at a time.There were about five or six large teams coming here to make purchase on Saturday.The amount of purchase was about  five or six hundred thousand Kazakhstani tenge.

  The change also took place in Astana, the young capital of Kazakhstan. In just over a decade, it has grown rapidly from a grassland town into the most modern and developed city in Central Asia. The "Glory Road" monument, Nazarbayev University and the 2017 World Expo venue are the most attractive landmarks here.

  In the past six years, Jiangsu has cemented its cooperation with Kazakhstan. From border trade to cross-border transportation, from equipment manufacturing to oil exploration, Jiangsu has launched a total of 17 investment projects in Kazakhstan with an investment of 340 million US dollars.

  Bing Zhihua, deputy CEO of Goshin (Kazakhstan) Elevator Technology Co., Ltd:We are the first Chinese elevator company to enter Kazakhstan.We are here to invest and build factories,so that the Kazakhstan elevator industry will form a whole industrial chain from production to sales.

  Jurtanov Janisbick, Deputy CEO, Oriental Gate Special Economic Zone, Kazakhstan:Now China is promoting the Belt and Road Initiative and the Bright Path Plan in Kazakhstan with the aim of restoring and opening the Silk Road.

  The Bright Path Economic Plan is Kazakhstan's national development strategy, and the core of the strategy is developing domestic transportation networks to connect the land-locked territory with the outside world and activate domestic growth, so this perfectly accords with the Belt and Road.

  The glowing sunset shines over the zigzaggingUral River,the dividing line of Europe and Asia. The vision of creating a Eurasian free trade zone has always been the goal of Kazakhstan. China's Belt and Road initiative and Kazakhstan's Bright Path plan are turning this vision into reality.