Nanjing steps up efforts for intelligent manufacturing

2017年12月06日 15:42:13 | 来源:江苏国际频道

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  The city of Nanjing is poised to boost its transformation and upgrading through intelligent manufacturing to consolidate its presence on the pilot list of the demonstration cities for the countrys Made-in-China 2025 strategy.

   In the NAC Group Pukou Base in Nanjing Jiangbei New Area, automotive products of Roewe, MG and some other brands are being assembled on the production lines.

  More than 300 robots can work together to complete welding, spraying, coating, and other multiple jobs with more than 99% of the body of the car produced automatically.

  Starting last month, NAC was able to increase its car manufacturing capacity from 30 units per hour to 70 units per hour, setting a record high in the country.

  The upgrading of the intelligent workshop has created a new vitality for the 70-year-old veteran car company.

  Connie Electromechanical, Panda Electronic Equipment and 4 other companies in Nanjing have been shortlisted for the national intelligence manufacturing pilot demonstration project.

  Nari-Relays and 31 other enterprises in Nanjing have launched intelligent manufacturing workshops at the provincial level.

  Many traditional manufacturing enterprises have benefited from the intelligent transformation and upgrading.

  A group of innovative enterprises have aimed at the high-end service chain industry to provide support for intelligent manufacturing.

  Nanjing Luculent Intelligent Science and Technology Co. Ltd has relied on the independent research and development industrial software to build the Futuristic Intelligent Park, which is able to gain real-time access to the energy consumption, air and production data through the sensor and information system installed throughout the park for the realization of the information interconnection with a touch of the fingers on the screen.

  In recent years, by centering on the upgrading of the innovation capacity and manufacturing capacity of intelligent manufacturing equipment, Nanjing launched a series of growth industries that include robot and 3D printing through special support programs.

  In the January-September period this year, the city's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry saw its primary operating revenue surge 10% year on year. The sales revenue of industrial robot rose by more than 40% year on year.