Digital economy thrust to spotlight at World Internet Conference

2017年12月06日 15:42:44 | 来源:江苏国际频道

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  The fourth World Internet Conference concluded Tuesday in the East China town of Wuzhen after three days of discussions and exhibitions of cutting-edge internet products.

  During the conference, government representatives, heads of international organizations, experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs attended 20 forums, displaying their achievements in innovation and discussing means of cooperation.

  At a forum on the internet and finance, Liu Zhengrong, vice president of Xinhua News Agency, said regulating the release of financial information on the internet is indispensable to ensuring financial security.

  "The internet does not change the rules of financial regulation, just attaches to it new connotations and requirements," Liu said.

  Well-known tech companies from around the world, including Apple, Alibaba, and Huawei, released their latest products at the conference.

  Two reports were also issued at the conference on Monday, covering the development of the internet around the world and in China respectively.

  The fourth World Internet Conference's forum on artificial intelligence turned out to be a spotlight on Monday.

  With a theme of "Artificial Intelligence: Smarter World, Better Life", the forum aims at establishing a communicating platform for global AI industry leaders to showcase cutting-edge technologies, share industrial experiences, explore potential cooperation opportunities, and contribute wisdom to promote technological and industrial development.

  Participants at the conference also gave thumbs-up in Alibaba's Tmall unmanned supermarket after receiving discount for smiling at the Light of the Internet Expo.

  Shechtman enjoyed the "smiling to get discounts" offer in Alibaba's Tmall unmanned supermarket in Wuzhen.

  The latest developments by major players in the technology and innovation sectors are also showcased during the conference period. Last year, Chinese internet giant Baidu Inc flaunted its new driverless cars during the conference for delegates to take a test ride in the cars.