CPC Jiangsu Provincial chief makes inspection tour in Suzhou

2017年09月13日 17:13:00 | 来源:江苏国际频道

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  In the development stage of speeding up the transformation and upgrading, it is necessary to vigorously develop new economy, explore new model, bring into full play the advantages of the traditional and distinctive industries, make full use of the unique resources endowment for better protection, inheritance and promotion, strive to revitalize the traditional advantages and inject new energy into the sustained and healthy development of the economy and the society. The remark was made by Li Qiang, secretary of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, during his inspection tour in Wujiang district of Suzhou on September 10th and 11th.

  Li Qiang showed great concern over the development of the silk industry in Suzhou, demanding that the as an important and traditional industry, the silk industry is to be revitalized to keep abreast of the changing times.

  During his visit to the Sericulture Park in Zhenze town, Li Qiang was briefed on the development of the silk industry before making inspections of the silkworm rearing class, the maker space workshop and the silk museum to gain a deeper understanding of the farmers’ sericulture patterns and the changes of development modes for the silk industry. He concluded his visit there by speaking highly of the town’s commitment to promoting the traditional sericulture industry and the transformation and upgrading of the traditional silk industry.

  The CPC provincial chief went on to visit the textile mart of the China Oriental Silk Market to learn about the production and operation of the silk companies and the silk and textile exhibition hall of Shengze town.

  We should enhance the protection, inheritance and development of the silk industry left behind by the ancestors to expand its brand name reputation and influence, the CPC provincial chief said.

  He also hoped that local governments should bring into full play the silk industry and the silk culture resources for the making of a clustering development zone integrating product display, experience, trading and creation so as to boost the innovative design and development of the silk industry on the basis of the past protections and demonstrate the historically profound silk culture.

  Suzhou is endowed with the unique historic and cultural resources of classical gardens and water towns. During his inspection tour in Suzhou, Li Qiang visited the museum of Suzhou, the Pingjiang Historic Street Blocks, Jingsi Garden and the ancient town of Zhenze in a bid to gain an overall idea of the city’s efforts for the protection of the ancient city and the ancient towns and villages in the suburbs.

  It is a matter of urgency and importance for local authorities to enhance their protection over the ancient towns via respecting the history, making scientific planning, learning from other regions and inheriting the traditional cultural heritages, Li Qiang said.

  He also demanded that local governments should highlight the protection and development of the classical gardens in Suzhou by further exploring the cultural connotation, strengthening resources integration, innovating management mode, operation mode and business model to increase the publicity and promotion of the city’s elegant and classic gardens.

  During his visit to Wujiang district, the CPC provincial chief was also concerned over the private industry’s promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation for the enhancement of the competitive edge.

  When visiting Shenghong Group Holdings, Li Qiang inspected the testing center to learn about the company’s R&D efforts, adding that the entrepreneurial passion and innovation vitality is of crucial importance for the expansion of the industrial chain and the enhancement of the core competitive edge so as to gain the upper hand in the market competition through the drafting of industrial technical standards.

  During his visit to Hengli Group, the CPC provincial secretary made inquiry into the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the filament yarn workshop and encouraged the company to gain the upper hand through innovation and seize the opportunities through international mergers and acquisitions.