IoT expected to find wide application in the future

2017年09月12日 17:13:35 | 来源:江苏国际频道

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  Monday marks the second day of the 2017 World Internet of Things Expo which is being held in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province. The participants dwelled on hot issues such as how to implement the overall strategy of the development of China’s IoT industry and how Jiangsu can assume the role of pathfinder for the entire IoT industry. Let’s hear what they have said.

  With a number of activities held in succession, the expo has reached the climax with more and more participants conducting heated discussions on the keynote speech made by CPC Jiangsu Provincial secretary Li Qiang at the opening ceremony of the summit.

  As a new way of connecting things, hundreds of billions of connections will surely spawn the next generation of mega- enterprises, some participants said.

  Jiangsu will be committed to the development of the global IoT network by providing experimental plots so that supportive platforms will be launched for technology research and development, product development and application, said some other participants.

  In recent years, China’s central government has attached great importance to the development of IoT. China's plan for artificial intelligence development, issued by the State Council in July this year, is a major step for carrying out the innovation-driven development strategy and making the country a global leader in science and technology. The plan stated that the AI industry will serve as a new major economic growth engine and help improve people's lives by 2020, and the plan sets the target of China becoming a major center for AI innovation and leading the world in AI technology and applications by 2030.

  Jiangsu has taken the lead in the country to implement the deployment of the central government and carry out specific measures by launching the nationalsensor network innovation demonstration zone and developing pioneering technologies, hosting IoT expositions for the convergence of new ideas and establishing IoT towns to industrial upper hands.

  The city of Wuxi, for example, has spearheaded the province’s IoT industry by publicizing its new ideas and resolutions to attract cooperative opportunities from around the world.