Jiangsu contributes to Qatar World Cup

2022-11-24 14:13:26 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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Many enterprises in east China’s Jiangsu province seized the opportunity to deliver their high-quality products to the 2022 Qatar World Cup, showing the strength and charm of "Made in Jiangsu" products on the world stage.

Shanghai Construction Engineering (Jiangsu) Steel Structure Co., Ltd., located in Haimen County, Jiangsu Province, participated in the construction of the Qatar Education City Stadium, the venue for six group matches, one eighth-final and one quarter-final.

The stadium is the first World Cup stadium that has won the five-star certification of the global sustainable development evaluation system.

In addition, the European standards adopted in the construction posed high technical requirements and also brought great challenges.

Zhang Ronghui, General Manager of Shanghai Construction Engineering (Jiangsu) Steel Structure Co., Ltd

The 160000 square meters of aluminum plastic plates covered inside and outside the Janub Stadium are produced by Jiangyin Tianhong Board Industry Co. Ltd, which are characterized by large span, easy shaping, high flame retardancy and lightweight.

The 157 flag poles, which has become a beautiful scene of the World Cup, is provided by Nantong Yaolong Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. . They stand outside the Gulf Court where the opening ceremony of the World Cup was held.