Yixing awarded as provincial ecological garden city

2021年06月18日 14:52:19 | 来源:wuxinews.com.cn

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A bird's eye view of Yixing, a prefecture-level city of Wuxi. [Photo/ourjiangsu.com]

Yixing was recently awarded the honor of being a Jiangsu Provincial Ecological Garden City.

In recent years, Yixing has paid attention to the protection and management of all natural resources, such as mountains, rivers, forests, farmland, as well as lakes.

Yixing rebuilt eight pocket parks based on ecological corridors and landmarks last year. To date, there are over 80 parks in the urban area of the city, covering 8.1 million square meters. The coverage of the parks reached 90.98 percent, ranking in the forefront of the province.

Efforts have also been made to riverbank restoration, with the naturalization rate of urban water shoreline reaching 80.66 percent.

This year, Yixing will also upgrade the scenic belt of the Wushen Canal and the surrounding environment of the Wudu River, as well as initiate 19 key projects on mine areas and water environment protection, with a total investment of 847 million yuan ($131.76 billion).