A 58-year-old Chinese movie in the eyes of foreign friends

2021年06月18日 14:50:33 | 来源:iSuzhou

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iSuzhou’s first session of educational movie screening activity kicked off at Suzhou Arts Cineplex (Suzhou Culture and Arts Center) the day before yesterday afternoon.

More than 30 international students and faculty members from School of Overseas Education, Soochow University and ten-plus foreign residents living in Suzhou watched the old Chinese Movie Early Spring together.

“I was told that this movie was shot fifty years ago in Suzhou. Just can’t wait to see how Suzhou looked like at that time.” said international students from Soochow University before the movie started. When the elements unique to Suzhou such as the scenes of “small bridge and flowing water” and ancient town were shown on the screen, the audience sighed with wonder at the old look of Suzhou.

As the plot thickened, the foreign audience immersed themselves in the movie and gales of laughter and sighs of pity can be heard in the auditorium.

When the movie was over, the audience came out of the theater and grabbed some coffee from the counter. They enjoyed the coffee and talked about the intriguing movie plot.

“I saw many places (in the movie) are the same. The story is kind of tragic romance to me. But I like the ending where the actress (Tao Lan) went out for the actor (Xiao Jianqiu). I think it’s an open ending. The director just left something to the imagination and I like it very much. I hope to watch more old movies like this in the future.” said Carol who comes from Scotland and has lived in Suzhou for nearly four years.

“Through the movie, we, as the international students, had an in-depth understanding of Suzhou and the water town culture almost 60 years ago. Much to our surprise, we saw the Tiger Hill Pagoda, Pingjiang Road and many other places familiar to us in the movie. We’d like to watch more old movies to learn more about China and its culture.” said international students from Soochow University.