Nanjing updates 100 articles on optimizing business environment

2021年02月24日 12:33:46 | 来源

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Nanjing released the updated 100 Articles on Optimizing Business Environment Tuesday morning. Take a look!

The main contents cover six aspects, including intensifying efforts to streamline administration and delegate power, strengthening regulatory capacity building, improving government service levels, innovating ways to guarantee development, implementing support for the rule of law, and promoting integrated pilot reforms.

Among the 100 articles, 8 of them are created for the first time, including building a partnership system, remote monitoring and inspecting and etc.

In recent years, Nanjing has made great efforts to optimize its business environment. In 2018, it issued 100 Articles on Optimizing Business Environment. In 2020, the 100 Articles was updated, introducing a series of innovative policies that help companies start business as early as possible.

Nanjing has been in the forefront of China’s business environment assessment for two consecutive years. In 2020, it was ranked 1st in Jiangsu Province.