Jiangsu promotes craftsmanship for industrial growth

2021年01月13日 10:39:36 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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East China’s Jiangsu province has vigorously promoted the reform of the construction of industrial workers in recent years, optimized the training model of skilled talents, improved the evaluation system of skilled talents, unblocked the development channels of skilled talents, and created an army of knowledge-based, skilled and innovative workers for the high-quality development of Jiangsu.

In the just-concluded China Vocational Skills Competition, Dai Shiyu, a young engineer from XCMG, won the CAD mechanical design gold medal in one fell swoop.

Though employed only two years ago, Dai Shiyu has undertaken the design and development of hydraulic systems for 200-ton, 300-ton, and 1200-ton all-terrain cranes and also obtained national invention patents with his research and development results.

This is inseparable from the optimization of the training model of skilled talents by XCMG in the past two years, which has provided a larger learning and development platform for innovative skilled talents.

In 2019, the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions took the Nanjing-Shanghai Expressway, which has an annual obstacle clearance of more than 20 thousand, as a pilot, to promote the establishment of an "obstacle clearance job skill identification system."

In the next step, the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions will invest 20 million yuan in training funds every year to improve the evaluation system of skilled talents, and strive to create an institutional environment conducive to the growth and function of skilled talents, and create a team of high-quality new-age industrial workers with good knowledge of technology and innovation.