Throughput up steadily at Taicang Port

2020年06月30日 16:24:14 | 来源

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Taicang Port has taken multiple measures to stabilize port production and steadily increase port throughput, despite being faced with the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and the difficult overall economic environment.

"In May, Taicang Port saw its total throughput and foreign trade cargo throughput  increase by 5.03 percent and 5.23 percent respectively from April, and the container throughput basically remained the same as last month," said a person-in-charge at Taicang Port.

Figures released by the administrative committee of Taicang Port show that total throughput at the port, both domestic and foreign trade, totalled 76.27 million tons over the first five months of the year, with its foreign trade cargo throughput hitting 29.37 million tons, and the container throughput reaching 1.87 TEU.

To overcome the impacts of the epidemic, Taicang Port encouraged goods from southern Jiangsu to be shipped by water. The "Taishen Express" from Taicang Port to Shanghai Waigaoqiao and Huangpu River has been opened up to provide convenient and low-cost shipping services.

It has also, through cooperation, steadily increased the number of transhipment containers in the Yangtze River. By improving the transit service in Taicang Port, the transhipment scale of containers from Chongqing are expanded and Jiujiang Port in Jiangxi province and Jiangyan Port in Jiangsu's Taizhou have opened up direct routes to Taicang Port.

The port continued to improve its business environment by developing characteristic logistics due to its advantaged location.

Recently, Jiading-based Volvo Cars (Asia Pacific) Investment Co has been attracted to Taicang Port and the port has been used as Volvo's main logistics base for imports and distribution.