Jiangsu medical teams aid epidemic control in Hubei

2020年02月19日 13:58:42 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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2497 doctors and nurses from east China
s Jiangsu Province have been working hard in central Chinas Hubei Province to help contain the novel coronavirus epidemic there.

In addition to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, many of the critically ill patients treated here are also suffering from underlying diseases such as cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and kidney disorder.

The Jiangsu medical team has taken the graded diagnosis and treatment approach to reduce mortality to the greatest extent and improve the cure rate.

Yu Chenggong, deputy president of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital

In-depth diagnosis and treatment by traditional Chinese medicine has also achieved good clinical results. At Wuhan Jiangxia Hospital, the first TCM cabin hospital, some patients practiced Taijiquan under the leadership of Zhang Yatao, a member of the Jiangsu Medical Team.

Zhang Yatao, Nanjing TCM Hospital

Medical staff from Yangzhou danced with patients in the mobile cabin hospital in order to show a positive and optimistic attitude and the confidence to beat the epidemic.

Fan Juan, a nurse from Jiangsu

Zhang Li, an infected COVID-19 patient