Zhangjiagang honey peach wins national recognition

2020年01月01日 15:04:01 | 来源:chinadaily.com.cn

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Zhangjiagang honey peach wins national recognition

  The Fenghuang honey peach boasts a sweet and juicy taste and it has pleasant fragrance. [Photo/WeChat account: zjgtvnews]

Honey peaches produced in Fenghuang town, Zhangjiagang, East China’s Jiangsu province, won recognition as a National Geographical Indication Product by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on Dec 24, according to local officials.

They said it is the first Agro-product Geographical indication that Zhangjiagang has won, which is a milestone for the development of the local agricultural industry.

Fenghuang town is one of major production areas for honey peaches in China. The peaches are popular for their sweet and juicy taste, as well as pleasant fragrance.

In recent years, local growers have introduced a number of high-tech methods to prevent plant disease and eliminate pests, which won provincial recognition in 2018.

The national honor is expected to promote the fruit’s reputation nationwide and bring more wealth to local growers.