Haohe Scenic Area upgrades tourist service after innovation

2019年08月24日 17:49:59 | 来源:english.jschina.com.cn

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  The first phase of road renovation in Haohe Scenic Area, organized by the Department of Landscaping in Nantong City, was completed to improver tourist service.

  Built along Haohe, a well-preserved ancient moat, the scenic area is of 5A-level rating, the highest rating for Chinese scenic spots.

  The renovation project, which started in early March and ended in mid-August, consisted of pavement maintenance, relocation of utility lines to be underground, and renewal of public facilities, on a total of nine roads.

  The renovation also gave a new facelift to 26 types of public facilities in the scenic area. Facilities like the bus stop, bench, bicycle parking rack, and dust bin have all adopted unified design in dark gray, which are in good harmony with the scenic area. The bus stop’s 55" LED display shows latest news and weather forecast. Visitors can also know the arrival of a bus from the automatic voice system or use the USB charging points.

 (source: english.jschina.com.cn)