Huai'an New Port launches rail-sea express service

2019年08月24日 17:42:49 | 来源

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  Huai’an New Port in Huai’an City of Jiangsu Province launched the first rail-sea intermodal transportation on August 22, sending a freight train with loaded containers to Ningbo Port in Zhejiang Province before they are delivered to destinations in the Middle East, Europe, the United States and Australia.

  Through the joined land-sea express, Huai’an New Port can play more important roles in the Belt and Road initiative, supporting local companies to actively engage in trade with other countries.

  The intermodal transportation has the advantages of large carrying capacity, low cost, high safety, and low pollution emissions. Compared with road transport, it can save logistics cost by 20-30 percent.  This transportation method also receives a priority for development in developed countries.