Paper-cutting sculptures debut in new Yangzhou park

2019年08月23日 16:46:47 | 来源

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扬州 剪塑_副本.jpg

  The large-scaled red paper-cutting sculptures [Photo/]

  A park located at the northern high speed entrance to Yangzhou, Jiangsu province has been basically completed and paper-cutting sculptures, sports tracks and sightseeing platforms debuted there on Aug 19.

  The park, covering a total area of 60,000 square meters is becoming as an iconic landscape of "the north gate" of Yangzhou.

  The three large-scaled red paper-cutting sculptures sit at the top of a hill in the park embraced by traditional Yang-school paper-cutting elements.

  The three sculptures, unified in style but diversified in figures, face Yangtze River Road, aligned from north to south.

  Against the green plants around them, the bright red sculptures present a pattern of symbolic and traditional Yangzhou landmarks including Slender West Lake, the ancient pagoda and the Grand Canal.

  Around the sculptures, fitness trails are available for the local residents to go for a walk and appreciate the park's sightseeing platforms.