Anti-loose screws made in Jiangsu to be used in high-speed rail

2019年08月22日 15:43:13 | 来源

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  The anti-loose screws produced by a Changshu-based company will soon be applied to China's high-speed railway, breaking the situation that the anti-loose screws have always relied on imports.

  Vibration occurs during the running of the train, so bolts are required to be of high safety so as to prevent the bolts from falling off.

  Changshu Standard Parts Factory is the largest production base of high-strength fastener products in China. In 2017, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy and was acquired by a private enterprise.

  Since then, the company has replaced the management team and invested a lot of research and development power to achieve a turnaround in three months. Last year, its output value reached 780 million yuan.

  Through several years of technical research, in July this year, the company's "high-speed locomotive power system high-performance fastener project" passed the acceptance check.