Jiangning fuels innovation-powered growth for modern industrial system

2019年07月11日 18:14:46 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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  Jiangning district of Nanjing has fueled innovation-powered growth to forge a modern industrial system amid the city’s campaign for an innovative city with global prominence.

  The Jiulonghu International Enterprise Headquarters Industrial Park has produced more than 3 million yuan of tax revenue per mu of land, a striking contrast to 300000 yuan of tax revenue with conventional manufacturing.

  The secrecy rests with the introduction of high end manufacturing enterprises.

  By targeting the world’s pioneering technologies, Jiangning district has striven to introduce bio-medicine, aviation and aerospace and many other emerging industries, launch new types of R&D institutions and recruit high end professionals.

  More than 4000 investment projects from 45 countries and regions have settled here, including 55 public listed companies and 61 Fortune 500 companies. The district is also home to more than 100 intelligent manufacturing enterprises and 25 intelligent workshops, accounting for half of the total in Nanjing.

  By focusing on automobile and power equipment, in just 10 years, Jiangning District has gathered more than 300 smart grid enterprises such as NARI, Siemens, Phoenix and Daquan Group to cover the entire industrial chain of power grids such as power generation, transmission and substation, and become the most complete industrial demonstration base in the industrial chain for the domestic smart grid.

  Smart grids, automobiles and next-generation information technology have also become the leading industries of Jiangning, where both smart grid and automobile industries have reported output value of more than 100 billion yuan.

  Green smart vehicles, smart grids, and the new generation of information technology have joined to become the three pillar industries. High-end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, life sciences three emerging industries have taken off to a flying start. Modern logistics, software and information services, cultural travel service industry have combined to drive the industrial growth. Artificial intelligence and a group of future industries such as the future Internet are gathering momentum.

  In 2018, Jiangning posted more than 200 billion yuan of GDP and its comprehensive strength ranked first in Jiangsu. It also leads the top 100 districts in the country. The total output value of industrial enterprises above designated size exceeded 300 billion yuan, ranking among the top ten of the top 100 industrial districts.