Two-Way Street-EU-Jiangsu Investment Forum 2019 held in Nanjing

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The 2019
Two-Way Street-EU-Jiangsu Investment Forum was held Monday in Nanjing. The event attracted more than 150 representatives from government agencies, enterprises, think tanks and media from the EU and Jiangsu. Take a look!

Organized by the EU Chamber of Commerce in China Nanjing Chapter and the Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province, the forum saw opening remarks by Bernhard Weber, Chairman of European Chamber Nanjing Board and Sun Jin, Deputy Director General of the Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province. The speakers highly evaluated the economic cooperation and two-way investments between EU and Jiangsu in recent years.

Bernhard Weber, Chairman of European Chamber Nanjing Board

The activity was then divided into two panels, with discussions on the new opportunities for the development of European enterprises in Jiangsu, and the current investment status of Jiangsu enterprises in Europe.

Nikodem Maciejewski   General and Plant Manager of Signify Lighting Industry (China)

As an annual event held by the EU chamber of Commerce in China, the forum will invite 2 EU countries each year to promote business opportunities in their countries. This year, representatives from Finland and Holland were invited to talk about possibilities of future cooperation with Jiangsu under the BRI. 

Zhu Bin,   Director of Invest in Finland, Business Finland China

EU is an important trading partner of China. The two-way investments between the EU and China are growing on a daily basis and entering onto a new stage under the BRI. Founded by 51 member companies in 2000, the EU Chamber of Commerce has more than 1,600 member companies by now. The Nanjing Chapter has around 100 members based in Nanjing, Changzhou, Suzhou, Xuzhou, and Zhenjiang.