Lou Qinjian goes on inspection tour to Wuxi

2019年04月18日 15:55:23 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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Lou Qinjian, secretary of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, went on an inspection tour to Wuxi on Tuesday and Wednesday to learn about the city’s current economic growth.

Lou stressed that it is important for Wuxi to further study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, practice new development concepts with more scientific, systematic and effective measures, adhere to the general tone of making steady progress while maintaining stability, deepen supply-side structural reform, and unswervingly adjust industrial structure to promote high-quality economic development.

He demanded that Wuxi should strive to be a leader in the province’s high-quality development and make greater contributions to the province’s overall economic growth.

When visiting Dongfang Huancheng Photovoltaic Jiangsu Co., Ltd., Lou Qinjian encouraged the company to further increase technological innovation, strengthen intellectual property protection, promote localization of equipment through cross-industry integration, drive the development of supporting industries, and continuously improve the core competitiveness on the international market.

During his visit to Zhonghuan Pioneering Semiconductor Materials Co. Ltd, the CPC Provincial secretary asked the company to pay systematic attention to safety and environmental protection issues during the planning and design of the project, make effective disposal of hazardous wastes, and strive to break the monopoly of foreign companies with technological progress. He stressed that high-quality development is inseparable from the support of high-quality projects, and it is necessary to ensure the high-quality and high-efficiency promotion of major projects by optimizing the government service and business environment.

During his inspection tour to Yixing International Environmental Protection Exhibition Center, Lou Qinjian said that a large number of technology-leading small and medium-sized enterprises in Yixing in the promotion of environmental protection industry. It is necessary to give full play to their advantages, make progress from solving single pollution control to providing system solutions, and seize opportunities to accelerate market expansion and make a greater contribution to the promotion of ecological civilization.

In Jiangsu Trigiant Technology Co., Ltd., Lou spoke highly of the company’s active exploration on 5G product research and development, hoping that they will further cultivate and expand the industrial chain and play a greater role in building a self-controllable modern industrial system.

Lou Qinjian was informed of the progress of the pilot project on silt dredging in the Taihu Lake when he visited the Taihu Lake Ecological Wetland Rehabilitation Site in Dingshu Town and the blue-green algae salvage site in Bafanggang.

He said that the good results of ecological wetland restoration prove that the most fundamental thing to control blue-green algae outbreak and improve the water quality of Taihu Lake is to follow the scientific laws and carry out natural ecological methods. It is necessary to further explore and actively carry out the experiment of building artificial islands by using blue-green algae sludge so as to continue to improve the ecology and the water quality of the Taihu Lake. The massive outbreak of the blue-green algae in the Taihu Lake in 2007 made water undrinkable for residents of Wuxi for several weeks.

When presiding over a symposium, Lou Qinjian fully affirmed the good momentum of Wuxi's economic development, adding that the ecological environment and the improving market environment has achieved a coordinated balance between structural adjustment and steady growth, and has taken the lead in the province's high-quality development.

Lou Qinjian pointed out that the private economy is an important part of the socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics and has contributed to the promotion of high-quality development in the province. The provincial party committee and the provincial government will continue to optimize the business environment and treat all types of enterprises on an equal and fair footing so as to back up the development of the private sector.

He urged the enterprises to be good at grasping the laws governing the development of technology, the law of social development, and the major contradictions in society, expand new development space in deepening supply-side structural reforms, strive to promote technological innovation, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and establish new developments in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development so as to make new contributions to the construction of the new Jiangsu and live up to the glorious mission entrusted by history.