General Secretary Xi’s speeches spark discussions in Jiangsu

2019年03月14日 17:48:06 | 来源

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  The series of speeches made by General Secretary Xi Jinping when attending panel discussions with lawmakers from six provincial level regions have sparked heated discussions among the officials and people in Jiangsu.

  The armed forces stationed in Jiangsu Province started to study the important speech made by President Xi Jinping when attending on Tuesday a plenary meeting of the delegation of the People's Liberation Army and armed police force at the second session of the 13th National People's Congress, China's national legislature.

  Xi called on the whole army to adhere to the guidance of the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, fully implement the Party's thinking on strengthening the military for the new era and the military strategy for new conditions, concentrate on war preparedness, and intensify reform and innovation.

  The entire armed forces must clearly understand the importance and urgency of implementing the 13th Five-Year Plan for military development, firm up their resolve, intensify the sense of mission, forge ahead with a pioneering spirit, and go all out to carry out the plan so as to ensure that the set targets and tasks are fulfilled as scheduled, Xi said.

  Xie Bingbing, Armored Infantry Company F, 71st Group Army

  陆军第71集团军某合成旅装步六连王杰班战士 谢彬彬(苏北站)

  President Xi stressed the importance 

  of implementing the military strategy

  of the new era and prepare for war

  As grassroots soldiers

  we must race against time

  and practice the skills of war readiness

  bear in mind the Presidents expectation

  and strive to be a revolutionary soldier of the new era

  Xia Tongjun, political commissar of the Huai'an detachment of the Armed Police Jiangsu Provincial Corps

  武警江苏省总队淮安支队政治委员 夏同军

  It is necessary to bear in mind

  the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly

  focusing on the goals of making armed forces powerful

  gathering strengths to prepare for the war

  faithfully fulfilling the mission

  and playing the role of an army

  with strong combat capabilities 

  while maintaining the order

  of the regional social and economic development

  Chang Hongqi, head of the People's Armed Forces Department of Tinghu District, Yancheng City

  盐城市亭湖区人武部部长 常红旗(亭湖)

  We must follow the line guided by President Xi

  to train and prepare for the war

  do a good job in building reserve forces for the militia

  and lay a solid foundation

  for winning the informationized war in the new era

  Zhang Baojuan, director of the provincial department of veteran affairs

  江苏省退役军人事务厅厅长 张宝娟

  We must stand at the height 

  of realizing the Chinese dream 

  and making the armed forces powerful

  to grasp the new requirements

  of the veteran affairs work in the new era

  focus on solving the key

  and difficult problems for the veterans

  and further improve the quality

  of job placement for veterans

  safeguard their rights and interests