Jiangsu gets ready for annual legislative session

2019年01月11日 11:23:29 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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All preparations are now ready for the second session of the 13th Provincial People's Congress that will be kicked off next Monday.

An inspection team carried out a safety inspection over the main venue and five hotels for the deputies on Thursday morning.

The inspection team is headed by Chen Zhenning, executive vice chairman of the standing committee of the Provincial People's Congress, and Xing Chunning, vice chairwoman of the standing committee of the Provincial People's Congress.

The drafting of the six major reports and various conference documents has been basically completed.

In order to improve the efficiency of the conference, electronic reading system will be applied for the first time so as to release the conference documents uniformly. Conference attendees and staff can read the meeting documents through the WeChat mini-program.

The eight-point rules against extravagance drafted by the CPC central committee and specific measures drafted by the provincial party committee will be implemented so as to make the session an event of frugality and seriousness.