Various activities to usher in Spring Festival

2019年01月10日 11:53:18 | 来源:Suzhou Daily

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  Spring Festival couplets bring best wishes to residents


  A Spring Festival couplet writing event was held on Jan. 7 in Xuhong Community of Canglang Sub-district in Gusu District. Calligraphers wrote couplets for residents as Spring Festival gifts. The community and its co-construction units also sent scarves and earmuffs to sanitation workers to wish them a happy Chinese New Year.

  Veterans enjoying “New Year’s Eve dinner” together


  On Jan. 7, three generations of veterans in Ximei Community of Canglang Sub-district gathered to exchange cooking skills and enjoy the “New Year’s Eve dinner”, which featured such creative dishes as “Millet plus rifles” and “Contrasting past misery with present happiness” to advocate the tradition of plain living and hard work.

  (Source:Suzhou Daily)