Jiangsu to build new bridge across Yangtze

2019年01月10日 11:23:37 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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  East China’s Jiangsu province kicked off Wednesday morning the construction of the bridge over the Yangtze River between Changzhou and Taizhou. Wu Zhenglong, governor of Jiangsu, attended the launch ceremony.

  This is the first cross-river bridge to be built over the Yangtze River that integrates an expressway, a highway and a railway. The Changzhou-Taixing Bridge is located between the Taizhou Bridge and the Jiangyin Bridge, about 32km to the east of the Taizhou Bridge and about 27km to the west of the Jiangyin Bridge.

  It is listed as one of the 14 key projects of the Yangtze River trunk crossings in Jiangsu Province, has been included in the provincial “13th Five-Year Plan” key project promotion plan.

  The construction of the Changzhou-Taixing Yangtze River Bridge is of great significance to promoting the in-depth implementation of the national strategy, promoting the higher quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region, and accelerating the construction of the Yangtze River urban clusters.