Suzhou embroidery work eye-catching at CIIE

2018年11月08日 14:59:01 | 来源

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  Ahuge Suzhou embroidery work Magnolia Fragrance created by Suzhou embroidery master Yao Jianping and her team caught the eyeballs at the ongoing China International Import Expo or CIIE.

  The Shanghai municipal flower magnolia and the national flower peony, the stone of the Taihu Lake and the peace dove constitute the main features of the whole work.

  Yao customized the work for the expo. The design of the embroidery work was made by Dong Xiyuan, a renowned painter.

  Yao and her team of 150 embroidery technicians spent three months on the work which has over 120 million stitches.

  Suzhou Embroidery has a history of more than 2,500 years, known for its "delicacy, exquisiteness, elegance and conciseness" and honored as "China's Best Embroidery" and "National Treasure of China."

  Throughout its several-millennium history, Suzhou Embroidery has showcased its charms; unique characteristics and diverse stitching techniques that had been displayed on soft and lustrous silk, creating unparalleled beauty of oriental artwork.