Jiangsu farmers making improvement in housing conditions

2018年10月11日 11:03:07 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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  Since the reform and opening up in 1978, with the rapid development of the economy, farmers in Jiangsu have not only registered rapid income growth, but also undergone earth-shaking changes in the improvement of rural housing conditions.

  Rows of neatly arranged buildings, spacious and clean roads, this is the scene of the Red Home Community in Liulaozhuang Village, Huaiyin District, Huai'an city. It is also the first village in Huaiyin District to relocate the local farmers to modernized living quarters. 

  Ge Congyi, who is taking a walk, said 40 years ago, his family of seven or eight people lived in five cottage, which was cold and could not withstand the wind and rain, let alone the access to drinking water.

  This situation continued until 1983 when the rural land was contracted to the farmers, which helped them to have adequate food supply. The continuous crop harvest due to the advancement of the planting technology enabled farmers to build new houses. In 1989, Ge Congyi built five tile houses, which improved the housing conditions for his family.

  Starting in June 2010, the village authority began to relocate the farmers into modernized living quarters by constructing 20 apartment buildings. In January 2012, 588 rural households were moved into the Red Home living quarters.

  Mr. Ge said his two sons are working in cities while his grandchildren are attending colleges. He has had his crop fields contracted to farming operatives, which has enabled him to do some odd jobs to supplement his family income.

  (Source: ourjiangsu.com)