When Solar Terms Become Dances and Poems

2018年04月16日 16:48:44 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

字号变大| 字号变小

  The ancient Chinese people depend mainly on the solar terms to guide their agricultural activities. The solar terms are still used today. In Nanjing, there is a group of people who are deeply in love with the ancient wisdom. They created a stage performance that combines dancing and poetry recital - Solar Terms in Jiangnan. The play will be performed on April 30th at Nanjing Poly Theater for the opening ceremony of the 12th Nanjing Literature and Art Festival.

Stage photo of Solar Terms in Jiangnan – Guyu (Grain Rain, the 6th solar term), Spring. (Photo by Li Yong)

Stage photo of Solar Terms in Jiangnan – Lixia (Beginning of Summer, the 7th solar term), Summer. (Photo by Li Yong)

Stage photo of Solar Terms in Jiangnan – Bailu (White Dew, the 15th solar term), Fall. (Photo by Li Yong)

Stage photo of Solar Terms in Jiangnan – Dongzhi (The Winter Solstice, the 22nd solar term), Winter. (Photo by Li Yong)

  The team has spent nearly 3 years from research, demonstration, to arrangement and rehearsal. The team has suffered countless sleepless nights only to try to reproduce the Jiangnan area that each Chinese dreamed of. The show is more like a painting that introduces people, customs, and culture of Jiangnan.

  The show is based on solid researches done by many experts and scholars from various fields, such as folk culture, literature, art, film and television, dance, music, agriculture, video technology and so on. They have held many symposiums, seminars to polish screenplays. Relevant staff also launched field investigation on 24 solar terms, visited experts and scholars, studied some outstanding repertoire to reach perfection of the stage show.