Nanjing, Suzhou Ranked Among Top 10 of Most Attractive Chinese Cities to Foreigners

2018年04月16日 16:52:01 | 来源

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  Shanghai, Beijing, Hefei, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, and Guangzhou are ranked the top 10 cities in a list called “The most attractive Chinese cities in foreigners’ eyes” that made by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and released on the 16th International Talent Fair in Shenzhen recently.

  As the only “city rankings” that is completely done by foreigners, the selection of the most attractive Chinese cities to foreigners has been successfully carried out for 8 times since 2010. The criteria are divided into four dimensions, including policy environment, administrative environment, working environment, and living environment. The 4 dimensions are further divided into 18 secondary dimensions, including the overseas talents introduction and evaluation policy, the rights and interests protection policy, the support policy for start-ups, the identification-related policy, the convenience of policy information acquisition, the related-affairs management process, the quality of administrative personnel's work, the allocation of relevant institutions, the work and entrepreneurial environment, promotion and development opportunities, income, international atmosphere and cultures, natural environment, urban development and planning, medical and health condition, children's education environment, social and public civilization, and urban inclusiveness.

  The selection started from November 2017 to February 2018, and a total of 4,066 votes from foreign experts working in China and 25,494 online votes were collected. The team of foreign expert judges is composed of 68 foreign experts, including winners of Nobel Prize, the Chinese Government Friendship Award, and foreign experts of the “1000 people project”. The judges include four Nobel Prize winners - the Dutch theoretical physicist, the 1999 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Gerardus't Hooft; Israeli and Swiss biochemist, 2004 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry and winner for the 2011 Chinese government Friendship Award, Avram Hershko; an Israeli chemist and materials scientist who won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Danny Shechtman; Soviet-born Dutch-British physicist, winner for the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, Foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Andre Geim.   

  The State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs will also announce the detailed data analysis and details of the questionnaire in the near future.