Jiangsu people ready for spring festival holiday

2018年02月13日 13:44:22 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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  As the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, Lantern Festival, Lunar New Year bazaars and other traditional spring activities have been staged one after another to immerse the people in the return of the traditional culture and the classic flavor of the Chinese New Year.

  A total of 234 sets of traditional lighting techniques and modern lighting art combination of festive lanterns have been installed for the annual session of the Qinhuai Lantern Festival to come up with a three-dimensional spatial layout along the Ming Dynasty City Walls, the Qinhuai River and the historical streets of Nanjing. Dog-shaped lanterns are the darling of the lantern shows as the Chinese year of the dog is around the corner.


  In Changzhou city, the Lantern Festival of the Yancheng historical remains scenic area, Jiangsu Taiwan Lantern Festival of the Dino Water Town and the Folk Lantern Festival of the East Salt Lake turned out to be the greatest attraction to the local people.


  The New Year Spring Lantern Festival at Luoma Lake of Suqian city attracted millions of visitors who were busy taking snapshots in front of the brightly-lit lanterns.

  Rural bazaars are offering a rich variety of nianhuo or essential goods for the Chinese New Year. More than 10,000 pieces of quality goods were promoted so that people can buy their favorite New Year's goods without making travels to the urban areas.


  The New Year bazaar in Ganyu district of Lianyungang city saw the demonstration of paper-cut dog-shaped lanterns and straw-woven zodiac dogs by folk artisans, appealing to the visitors from near and far.

  The town of Zhouzhuang's New Year fair has also been officially opened with the sales of Begonia cake, glutinous rice dumplings, farmers’ homemade salted fish, bacon and other salted products to immerse the celebrated water town in the typical Jiangnan flavor.

  The century-old Caizhizhai grocery in Suzhou city are promoting the sales of Suzhou-style candy, cakes, roasted seeds and nuts in more than 300 varieties with the sales increasing 10 times from the slack season.

  The Spring Festival, or Chinese Lunar New Year, falls on Feb. 16 this year.

  (Source:Jiangsu International Channel)