American-Chinese donates WWII relics in Nanjing

2017年12月06日 15:44:03 | 来源:江苏国际频道

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  An American-Chinese has donated 100 pieces of historical relics about Chinas war of resistance against Japanese aggression to the Nanjing Anti-Japanese Air Martyrs Memorial Hall.

  The historical relics include the envelope belonging to General Claire Lee Chennault, an American military aviator best known for his leadership of the "Flying Tigers" and the Republic of China Air Force in World War II. The relics also include the military badge of the US Army in China, the magazines, publicity cards and old photos in WWII. The publicity cards printed in the United States in 1938 are inscribed with the slogans safeguarding peace and guarding justice, which are of great referential value to the study on the history of the aerial combat during the anti-Japanese war. The donor Lu Zhaoning was born in Nanjing. In recent years he has collected various historical materials related to the anti-Japanese war and donated them to the war memorial museums in Nanjing.