Colleges greet new students in unique ways

2017年09月12日 17:14:53 | 来源:江苏国际频道

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  Colleges in Jiangsu have ushered in the new semester for the freshmen in unique ways to impress the new students as much as possible.

  Soochow University has streamlined its formalities for the new students to make registrations by scanning the app on their smart phones.

  The university authority has also done a big data analysis on the age and place of birth of the new students. Zhang Puhui, one of the new students, was given a big surprise when he was presented with a birthday gift.

  Jiangsu Aviation Technical College organized a wonderful unmanned aerial glider performance to welcome the new students who are filled with aviation dreams.

  Huaiyin Teachers College decorated a 59-metre-long new photo wall to show the brilliant smiles of each new student. Zhang Luyao, a new student from northwest China’s Gansu province, was pleased with the posting of his photo on the wall.

  Students of the Jiangsu Polytechnic Institute of Science and Arts were dressed in the traditional clothes of the Han ethnic group to welcome the new students.

  Teachers of Changzhou University prepared postcards for the new students to write their dreams and put into the dream mailbox. The postcards will be returned to the students upon their graduation in four years’ time to document the process of realizing their dreams.

  Jiangsu Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Vocational College has made special periodic table of the chemical elements and simulated train tickets to encourage the new students spend a meaningful college life.