Jiangsu upgrades, optimizes business environment

2023-11-28 14:25:29 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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Zhenjiang and Yangzhou are making every effort to build government sharing platforms and industrial investment funds, optimize the business environment, and activate the vitality of local leading industries. 

Zhenjiang has implemented the practice of promoting regional evaluation sharing through major projects and relying on internet intermediary service supermarkets. This practice has recently been selected as the second batch of practical cases for regional evaluation reform recently announced in Jiangsu.

Put into operation in 2022, the Zhenjiang City Major Project Approval Service Platform is an integrated project service platform that integrates multiple aspects and integrates enterprises, approval departments, agents, and scheduling for leaders.

In June of this year, the major project approval service platform embedded a regional evaluation module, allowing applicants to view in real-time whether the construction area of the applied project has completed the regional evaluation matters.

“On a project service platform like ours, downloading and sharing the relevant results of regional evaluation saved an average of 12 days of evaluation preparation time and approximately 680000 yuan in preparation costs,” said Xu Xifan, Director of the Audit and Reform Department of the Political Affairs Office of Zhenjiang City

The government department of Zhenjiang City, relying on the major project approval service platform, has drawn a "project service map" and achieved the sharing of regional evaluation results.

The government department of Zhenjiang City is planning to form a profile of intermediary agencies through data analysis, screen high-quality enterprises to generate intermediary agency red lists, explore intelligent push functions, and assist intermediary agencies in efficiently serving regional evaluation work.

“In the next step, we will further expand the types of assessments in all parks and expand the area within the entire region,” said Xu Dan, Deputy Director of the Government Affairs Office of Zhenjiang City.

Yangzhou City coordinated the resources of cities and counties and successfully established the first city level park industry fund - Yangzhou City Park Industry Investment Fund.

This fund is jointly established by 2 national-level development parks, 9 provincial-level development parks, and China International Capital Corporation in Yangzhou. It will support the leading and advantageous industries of each park, and attract major investment projects at the city and county levels.

The fund operates through a model of "parent and subsidiary funds+direct investment", focusing on high-quality investment projects in the park and promoting rapid project settlement.

“The total scale of the park industry fund is 760 million yuan and it has gone through registration for establishment,” said Guo Huijun, Investment Director of Yangzhou Guoyang Fund Management Co., Ltd.