Wuxi charms world with cherry blossoms

2023-03-18 13:52:17 | 来源:en.wuxi.gov.cn

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The 2023 Wuxi Yuantouzhu International Cherry Blossom Festival kicked off in Yuantouzhu Scenic Area, Wuxi, East China's Jiangsu province, on March 16 and will run until May 3.


File photo: The Cherry Blossom Valley, a must-visit spot for cherry blossom admirers in Yuantouzhu Scenic Area. [Photo provided to wuxi.gov.cn]

As one of the top three places in the world to admire cherry blossoms, Yuantouzhu Scenic Area is reputed as the top attraction around Taihu Lake and is home to more than 30,000 cherry trees of over 100 species.

Some improvements have been made to the Cherry Blossom Valley, a must-visit spot for cherry blossom admirers in Yuantouzhu. Some early-flowering and late-flowering cherry trees have been planted there to extend cherry blossom season.


File photo: Blooming pink cherry blossoms look more graceful and elegant against the backdrop of an ancient Chinese-style building. [Photo/Wuxi Daily]

From March 18 to 28, night tours will be offered at the scenic area to allow visitors to witness the cherry blossoms amid colorful glowing lights.

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File photo: Yuantouzhu Scenic Area features a mix of blooming cherry trees and colorful glowing lights at night. [Photo/Wuxi Daily]

Wuxi has also launched buses to connect subway line 4 with the Yuantouzhu Scenic Area to make it easier to get to the scenic area by public transport and ease traffic congestion around Yuantouzhu.

People can also visit Jingui Park, Duyue Road, the China IOT International Innovation Park, and Hongsha Bay in the city to view cherry blossoms.