Turning waste into wealth, reeds harvested in major lake in China's Hebei

2023-01-29 10:14:21 | 来源:Xinhua

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Green development is bringing notable changes to a major lake in north China's Hebei Province.

Baiyangdian is the largest freshwater lake on the North China Plain in Hebei, and also the largest wetland ecosystem in northern China.

It's home to about 80 million square meters of reeds, which play a key role in maintaining the ecological environment and ecosystem.

The reeds need to be harvested in time in winter, as long-time immersion of reeds in water will cause sediment deposition and water quality decline.

However, with a change in lifestyle in recent years, local residents rarely harvested reeds spontaneously.

The local government has implemented "balanced harvesting" of reeds in Baiyangdian, harvesting about half of the reeds each winter, and reserving the other half for bird habitats.

With increased protection and restoration, the lake has witnessed significant improvement in its ecosystem.

The harvested reeds have also brought tangible benefits to local residents.