These projects to be completed soon!

2021年10月13日 17:10:58 | 来源:iSuzhou

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Recently, the projects of Taihu Tunnel, XJTLU Taicang Campus and Suzhou Gaojing Mountain Park have reported new progress. Let’s have a quick look!

Taihu Tunnel

As the concreting work on the last roof of Mashan Section started on the afternoon of October 8, the whole Taihu Tunnel was completely linked up. Thus, the construction work of the tunnel’s main structure came to an end. That is to say, the project is closer to its opening to traffic at the end of the year.

With a dual three-lane carriageway, the 10.79-kilometer-long Taihu Tunnel runs from Mashan of Wuxi to Nanquan by traversing through the Meiliang Lake, making it the longest and widest tunnel project ever built under a lake in China.

The operation of the tunnel will further strengthen connectivity among the three cities of Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou as well as help boost the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region.

XJTLUTaicang Campus

The last prefabricated steel truss was assembled days ago and complemented the huge loop that stringed together the seven “U-shaped” buildings on the campus.

The university’s new campus in Taicang covers an area of approximately 364,000 square meters and a total floor space of 470,000 square meters. Upon completion of the construction, a new educational model is expected to emerge in Taicang.

The construction of the main structure of the campus has been completed on May 8, 2021. Other projects, including decoration, assembling of prefabricated steel parts, curtain wall installation, etc. are already underway. The dormitory area will be completed and ready for occupancy at the end of November, 2021.

Gaojing Mountain Park

Gaojing Mountain Park in SND covers a total afforested area of 42.7 hectares, which is equivalent to 56 football fields. 

Sports facilitieslike football fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts, as well as large-scale lawns will be integrated to create a comprehensive forest park featuring ecological landscapes, cultural exchanges, sports, and leisure.

A variety of wild flowers will beplanted on both sides of the paths. In addition to preserving the original ecological area, the park will also include cherry blossom valleys and maple leaf gardens.

At present, the paths at the south and west of Gaojing Mountain is finished; the construction of landscape wall at the south-east entrance is completed. About 500 cherry trees were planted and the installation of turfs is underway. According to project plan, the park will be completed on December 31, 2021.


As an open space for sports and recreation, the park will have pedestrian paths at the crossroads of Huashan Road and Zhaohong Road for visitors to walk in. Visitors can alsotake the tram line 1 to Baimajian Eco Park Station to get to the park. The park will also provide about 200 parking spaces for cars, bicycles and electric bicycles.