Uncle Chinese characters opens studio in Nanjing

2021年09月28日 14:40:11 | 来源:english.jsjyt.edu.cn

字号变大| 字号变小

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Richard Sears is also known as "Uncle Hanzi" because he has studied Chinese characters for more than 50 years. [Photo/jschina.com.cn]

Richard Sears from the United States is also known as "Uncle Hanzi", which means Chinese character, because he has devoted himself to the study of Chinese characters for more than 50 years.

With the opening of his studio in Nanjing, Jiangsu province on Sept 17, he plans to spread his interest in Chinese characters and culture to a wider range of people.


Visitors try scanning the cards to get detailed explanations and audio of Chinese characters. [Photo/jschina.com.cn]

The cards hung up in the newly opened studio were developed by Sears and can be scanned to see the evolution process of a certain character from ancient times to the present. The cards are also equipped with detailed explanations and audio, which helps learners to understand the source of Chinese characters.