Jiangsu shores up industrial chains through major investment projects

2021年09月28日 10:57:35 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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East China’s Jiangsu province has launched industrial chain roadmap and task book, targeted technical shortcomings, and highlighted key research points in a bid to continuously promote the in-depth integration of the industrial chain with the supply chain, the innovation chain, the capital chain, and the talent chain.

At the beginning of this year, Nanjing High Precision Marine Equipment Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, developed a marine propulsion based on the collaborative innovation of the industrial chain, which filled the gap in the development of large and medium-sized permanent magnet electric pod propulsion in China.

"This equipment requires the coordination of multiple companies as it involves many links in electricity, sealing, and matching. It plays a very good role in the improvement of the entire ship supporting industry chain in Jiangsu Province."says ChenYongdao, CEO, Nanjing High Precision Marine Equipment Co., Ltd.

In response to technological collaboration, Jiangsu has supported leading enterprises to organize a group to make breakthroughs in the industrialization of key industrial chain bottleneck technologies.

At the end of 2020, Jiangsu issued the "Three-year Action Plan for Strengthening the Industrial Chain in Jiangsu Province", which aims to implement the cultivation of leading enterprises, the improvement of collaborative innovation, the upgrading of basic capabilities, the promotion of open cooperation so as to comprehensively enhance the development of 50 key industrial chains, continuously strengthen the domestic leading position of 30 advantageous industrial chains, and greatly enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of 10 outstanding industrial chains.

To ensure that the tasks are fulfilled, Jiangsu has taken the initiative in the country to unveil the leadership supervision system to task one provincial leader to one competitive industrial chain so as to concentrate on solving the problems of technology, capital, and talents encountered in the development of the industry.

Prefecture-level cities in the province have alsoestablished leadership supervision system to task one municipal leader to one competitive industrial chain.

In response to the development of the new carbon material industry chain, Changzhou has sorted out the weaknesses in the key core technologies of the industry chain, and invested 100 million yuan to form the province's first special guidance fund for the carbon fiber industry.

"We will accelerate the development application and industrialization of carbon fiber and composite materials in high-end equipment rail transit and other fields. We have issued special documents for the graphene industry aiming to create a high-quality development 'Eastern Carbon Valley'." says Li Lei, Director of Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau.

"Under the supervision of provincial and municipal leaders many of our major projects have been promoted at a high speed. The leadership supervision mechanism has coordinated financial resources recommended talents and developed blood transfusion for our industry."says DaiZhihua, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changzhou West Taihu Science and Technology Industrial Park.

"In the next stage, Jiangsu should highlight the advantages of the scale of economy withits manufacturing industry and supporting industries and give full play to provincial leadership supervision system in major investment projects and advantageous industrial chains so as to promote the rational flow of cross-enterprise, cross-industry and cross-regionalproduction factors and improve the efficiency of configuration and strengthen the collaborative innovation of the industrial chain."says ChengJunjie, Associate Researcher of Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences.