Let's enjoy the dreamy pink flower sea

2020年10月07日 21:00:04 | 来源:iSuzhou

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  Hairawn muhly, or pink muhly grass, has attracted many visitors with its purple-pink clouds of fall flowers. It begins to blossom in mid September, comes to its own in October and keeps blooming until mid November. In recent years, the huge expanse of pink flower field, both dreamy and romantic, has become a very popular place to visit in autumn.

  Let’s take a look at the sea of pink flowers in Suzhou!


  Traffic Tips:

  GPS: Search for “Xijinwan” (西京湾); parking are available


  1. Take Tram Line 1 to Shifan Station or Xiyangshan Station, walk to Bus No. 359 (formerly No. 320) and take it to Lvyecun Station, and go ahead for about 700 meters. (Recommended)

  2. Take Express Line No. 3 , No. 441 or No. 43 to Taihu National Wetland Park, and then transfer to Bus No. 359.

  Intersection of Xiangshan Road and Luojiawan Road 

  Traffic Tips:

  GPS: Search for “Wanke Yujian Shan” (万科遇见山); the sea of flower is diagonally opposite the southeast corner of “Wanke YujianShan”.

  Bus: Take SRT Line 1 to Tayuanlu Station, take Bus No.357 to Senlin Shuishijie Nan Station, and then walk to the destination.

  The Sea of Flowers, Ping Lane, Fushan Village, 

  Haiyu Town, Changshu City 

  Covering an area of 40,000 square meters, this piece of flower land looks like a pink fairy tale world.

  Traffic Tips:

  GPS: Search for “Pingxiangli Huahai” (平巷里花海)



  Do you know that autumn can also be pink? Go and see for yourself!

  Please be a polite visitor while having fun!