Jiangsu strengthens publicity on cyber security

2020年09月16日 10:21:13 | 来源:ourjiangsu.com

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East China’s Jiangsu province has launched a publicity campaign to raise people’s awareness of cyber security so as to safeguard their rights and interests and keep guard on telecom fraud and Internet fraud in the cyber world. 

At the 2020 Jiangsu Cyber Security Publicity Week launched Monday morning, experts from all over the country gathered in Huai'an city to brief the visitors on the info about cyber security.

Cyber security engineer:"This common smart door lock can be unlocked through the mobile phone's Bluetooth APP.The thief can install an app on a notebook so that he can forge the Bluetooth signal within 10 seconds to unlock the door."

Ten cyber security experts including Academician Wu Jiangxing will participate in the construction of the cyber security assurance system and contribute to the decision-making of cyber security

Zhao Zhipeng, Vice Director of Publicity Department of Huai'an Municipal Party Committee, Director of Cyber Space Administration:"Strengthening the protection of important data and personal information in cyberspace will become the top priority of cyber security."

Police in various parts of Jiangsu have launched anti-fraud campaigns to crack down on telecom fraud and Internet fraud that have been rampant in the country for the past decade.

Police in Zhenjiang city set up six sub-venues to release info on the tips to guard against telecom fraud and Internet fraud.