Suzhou introduces self-driving bus experience route

2020年07月15日 16:33:38 | 来源:isuzhou

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  Suzhou is planning a self-driving bus route for the public to experience. The autonomous bus put into operation this time is called Robo-bus. The provider of the vehicle and technical scheme is a world-leading self-driving technology company that signed the agreement to move into Suzhou High-speed Rail New Town(HSRNT) in January this year. 

  According to the operation plan, the Robo-bus departs from Suzhou North Railway Station, and stops at Xiangrong Mansion, Qinglonggang Road (Lugang Street), Suzhou Port Development Mansion, Suzhou Gaotie Commerce Mansion, Yuanrong Times Square, Jiangnan Mansion, Yangcheng International E-sports Hall, etc. before going back to Suzhou North Railway Station (the final bus route is subject to change).

  This Level-4 (high driving automation) Robo-bus is equipped with a 32-inch monitor that displays its surrounding environment on a real-time basis, which is capable of realizing 360-degree motion sensing at a distance of over 200 meters. 

  Running at a speed of 20km/h to 50km/h, the bus will not be frequently honked at or overtaken by other vehicles. In addition, it features such functions as yielding to traffic, changing lanes or directions automatically, recognizing traffic lights, etc. 

  With the 27.5-km-long testing road for intelligent connected vehicles to be opened in HSRNT at the end of September, this micro-cycle Robo-bus experience route will also take advantage of the full-coverage 5G V2X network to further ensure the safety of self-driving buses.

  Update on how to make reservations for the Robo-bus will be released after the route plan is confirmed. Please stay tuned!