Mask vending machines appear at the airport

2020年03月28日 11:37:13 | 来源

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Scanning the code, purchasing, paying, you can see a box of masks falling into the mouth. Recently, four mask self-service vending machines appeared at Sunan Shuofang International Airport. Passengers can purchase directly by scanning the code.

Reportedly, the vending machines are in service 24 hours a day with payment by scanning the code, enabling self-service and contactless purchase in the whole process. "The masks sold so far are all KN95 masks, with quality guaranteed." According to personnel from the airport, passengers do not need to show ID card to purchase the masks in this way. And there is no purchase limitation. When the supply of masks is insufficient, the airport will make up in half an hour. In the near future, ordinary disposable masks will be added into the vending machines, with lower price. (Photo/Wuxi Daily)