Wuxi provides virus detection for returned workers

2020年02月19日 10:19:55 | 来源:chinadaily.com.cn

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A new virus detection lab is put into operation in Wuxi's Huishan district, East China's Jiangsu province, Feb 12. [Photo/WeChat account: news-wuxixinwen]

  A new virus detection laboratory was put into operation in Wuxi's Huishan district, in East China's Jiangsu province, Feb 12, to speed up testing for COVID-19 infection for people planning to resume work.

  The lab, familiar with "Huoyan" in Wuhan, was jointly set up by the local center for disease control, Wuxi Zenzer Laboratories Co and BGI Genomics, China's leading DNA sequencing provider.

  The 600-square meter lab, located in Wuxi Zenzer Laboratories Co, is equipped with the latest facilities and technology developed by BGI Genomics for safe and highly efficient testing of the nucleic acid of the virus. The lab is designed to test 5,000 samples per day.

  Wuxi officially resumed work on Monday after the holiday period. To guarantee both prevention of the novel coronavirus and stable economic growth, the local government has released an implementation plan, providing COVID-19 virus tests for all returnees. Those coming from epicenters of the outbreak are asked to be tested after coming back and staying at home in quarantine for six days.


A worker at the lab takes a sample for a COVID-19 virus test. [Photo/WeChat account: news-wuxixinwen]

  With the help of all relevant departments, the lab started operations after four days' preparation. Wuxi Party Secretary Huang Qin visited the lab on the first day of operation.

  Workers from 23 enterprises were tested Feb 12. Jiang Dejun, director of Wuxi Handa Textile Co Ltd, spoke highly of the measure which he said would help his company return to normal operations as soon as possible in a safe and orderly manner.

  Local enterprises can apply for the service and check the results on an app developed by the government.


People stand in line, keeping a distance of one meter apart.[Photo/WeChat account: news-wuxixinwen]