Farming in four seasons — harvesting asparagus

2019年11月18日 14:45:30 | 来源

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Late autumn is the peak season for harvesting asparagus. In the greenhouse of Da'an village, Baimi town, Jiangyan district, villagers are picking "jade" asparagus for the vegetable supply at the markets in Shanghai and other places. Asparagus, known as the "king of vegetables", is rich in a variety of amino acids, proteins and vitamins. It can be harvested three times a year in spring, summer and autumn respectively. Asparagus planting project is the targeted poverty alleviation project in Baimi town. The planting area of asparagus in Da'an village is 150 mu (a unit of area, 1 mu = 0.0667 hectares), and the annual yield of three crops of asparagus is about 1,500 kg per mu, gaining an annual profit of about 6,000 yuan per mu.