A glass of mung bean soup represents Suzhou lifestyle

2019年08月06日 17:12:33 | 来源: iSuzhou

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  Summer to Suzhou people start from a glass of mung bean soup. And the mung bean soup means the whole summer.

  Suzhou people are very particular about eating, even a small glass of mung bean soup. It must have more than ten ingredients, glutinous rice, mung beans, candied dates, raisins...with the cold and cool mint water. It's the best drink of Suzhou in summer.

  Suzhou's traditional mung bean soup has only two ingredients, mung bean and Lilii Bulbus, green and white color.

  Later people gradually added kidney beans, candied dates and so on. It will take a long time to make the mung bean soup. Firstly , you should soak mung beans and glutinous rice for six or seven hours and steam for 15-20 minutes, then cool separately.

  Put the mung bean and glutinous rice into the mint water with other ingredients. For decades, Suzhou people's enthusiasm for it never retreat. There are many shops selling the mung bean soup. You should have try it!

  (source: iSuzhou)