Intangible cultural heritages endorse after-school activities

2019年04月18日 16:31:21 | 来源

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Schools in Lianyungang city have turned to intangible cultural heritages to enrich its after-school activities since the implementation of the delayed school-leaving time.

In the after-school service of Lianyungang Jiefang Road Primary School Yuzhou Branch, Liu Changlan, an 80-year-old inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage, is singing Haizhou opera in front of more than 200 children. The crisp and powerful disc music and the full-bodied voice let the children see the charm of the five melodies of the Haizhou opera.

In the activity room of Lianyungang Haizhou Experimental Primary School, more than 50 children were immersed in classical music. At the end of the exercise, the guqin teacher told the students about the guqin's tone, technique, shape, and score. The guqin, a relative of the zither family, is a classical, yet complicated Chinese musical instrument.

Since the full implementation of the delayed school-leaving time, the school has used the existing facilities to open intangible cultural heritage courses such as Tai Chi, dry boat and dragon dance. Children are free to choose whatever they like so as to let the students learn as much as possible.

Authorities in Lianyungang have also issued policies to support schools to mobilize and give full play to the volunteer service of professionals, intangible cultural heritage inheritors, folk artists, and social enthusiasts to provide students with a variety of after-school services.